Carnegie Center says Belgrade authorities ready to sign deal on Kosovo

NEWS 25.07.2019 14:33
Source: N1

Serbia’s leadership is ready to sign whatever it takes for Kosovo if it get guarantees that it won’t fall from power, the Beta news agency reported on Thursday quoting the Carnegie Moscow Center.

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s trip to the Hague does not promise quick progress in resolving the Kosovo issue and the Serbian leadership, having learned from past experience, has skeptically accepted the news and believes that his departure is another trick by the West to force Belgrade to make fresh concessions, the Carnegie Moscow Center said.  

It added that Haradinaj’s resignation, especially if it is followed by court proceedings, will inevitably affect Pristina’s behavior.  

“The Serbian leadership is essentially prepared to sign whatever about Kosovo if it gets guarantees that it won’t fall from power because of that. If the Specialist Chambers in the Hague can bring the Pristina authorities to the same situation, the Kosovo issue might be solved successfully,” it said.  

The article added that the ease with which the West allowed one of the main players in the negotiations on Kosovo to leave shows that western media in the conflict is being built on completely different principles.  

„Washington and European capitals are tired an anxious over the caprices and blackmail from Pristina and have decided to rethink everything. The West now feels that the Kosovo elite, not Serbia‘s, is the main obstacle in resolving the problem and will act accordingly in future,“ the story said.