Prosecutors say they start investigation into threats to N1 reporter

NEWS 05.07.2019 08:27
Source: N1

Serbia’s Public Prosecutors’ Office told N1 that the Special Prosecutors for Hi-Tech crime launched a probe into the threats to N1 Kosovo correspondent Zana Cimili.

Cimili received severe menace on social networks against her and her family’s physical integrity, the Beta news agency reported late on Thursday.

The person who made the threats said it had “a life desire to kill an Albanian, even an Albanian child,” adding it hoped “for a new war in Kosovo during which the Albanians will feel Serbian rage.”

N1 sharply condemns this outrageous hate speech and risk to N1 reporter who does her job professionally and responsibly.

The threats to Zana Cimili, as to other N1 journalists are not only threats to the individual reporters but also the freedom of speech and media as the fundamental democratic rights.

N1 said it expected the police and respective prosecutors’ offices in Belgrade and Pristina to investigate as soon as possible who is behind these dangerous messages and where they come from.