Anti-Fascist protesters under attack in Nis

NEWS 28.06.2019 10:42
Source: Video

An anti-Fascist protest in the southern Serbian city of Nis was staged on Thursday night with the peaceful protesters coming under verbal assault by a group of young men shouting slogans in support of World War 2 collaborators.

The peaceful protest was staged by a group of about 100 people wearing T-shirts with the words A Hole For a Knife on their backs. They were intercepted by a group of young men shouting: Long Live Greater Serbia, Long Live Nedic (a Serbian/Yugoslav royal general who collaborated with the Nazis) and long Live Ljotic (the leader of a local Fascist para-military organization in WW2).  

The Juzne Vesti portal reported that the anti-fascist march was headed by Srdjan Nonic, a city assembly member from the Nis Initiative, and Uros Janic who was stabbed following an earlier protest while wearing a T-shirt with an anti-Fascist slogan.