Status of Russian humanitarian centre in Serbia still unsolved

NEWS 27.06.2019 22:44
Source: N1

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday that the status of the so-called Serbian - Russian Humanitarian Centre established in the southern city of Nis was still to be decided on, NB1 reported.

The Centre triggered controversy over the possibility of receiving the diplomatic status what the West saw as the legalisation of Moscow’s spying activities in Serbia and the Balkans.

Vucic said that if allowed the diplomatic status, the European Union would criticise him, while if he didn’t grant it, the pro-Russians would react.

However, he said he was taking care of Serbia’s interests and that the public would be notified when the Centre’s status was decided on.
“The state has its serious policy and doesn’t follow what someone likes or not, but only its interests,” he said.