Fuel and power prices set to rise, Serbian newspaper says

NEWS 26.06.2019 08:46

Belgrade daily Politika said on Wednesday that fuel, gas and power prices will be raised in August because of a new duty introduced by the government.

The duty is intended to cover the costs of promoting energy efficiency, the daily said adding that the prices of vehicle fuels and natural gas will be raised by 0.15 Dinars a litre and cubic metre respectively. That money will be used to replace windows and doors, install insulation and invest in heating boilers.  

 The government-owned Srbijagas company said that it had informed its consumers that the prices would be higher on their July gas bills. It added that the prices would be raised once a year.  

Electricity bills for July will also be higher under the law on compensation for the use of public resources.

Politika said that the money won’t go to Srbijagas, the EPS power company or vehicle fuel suppliers but will be paid straight into the state budget to be used to improve energy efficiency.