Saturday protest in front of Belgrade University Rectorate

NEWS 15.06.2019 22:09
Source: N1

Saturday’s 1 in 5 Million protest called the Belgrade University authorities to rule on Finance Minister Sinisa Mali’s doctoral thesis.

Protesters knocked on the doors of the University Rectorate to draw attention to the problem of diplomas bought at some universities in Serbia. Mali has been accused of plagiarizing his doctoral thesis and is waiting for a ruling by an Ethics Commission.

Speakers at the gathering said that they expect the commission to rule as soon as possible. They also recalled the beating of students last week in Novi Sad and called for greater solidarity across the country against not just the more recent physical violence but also against what they said is systematic violence over the media and institutions for years.

This was the 28th weekly protest gathering in the Serbian capital. The protests began in November 2018 after opposition leader Borko Stefanovic was beaten up in the town of Krusevac.