Student show of support to commission ruling on ministers doctorate

NEWS 14.06.2019 11:31
Source: FoNet/Ognjen Stevanović

A group of students from the 1 in 5 Million protest organization gathered in front of the Belgrade University Rectorate in a show of support to that body which is set to rule on Finance Minister Sinisa Mali’s doctoral thesis.

Mali’s doctorate and thesis have been the subject of controversy for the past few months amid claims of plagiarism.

The students laid fake diplomas in front of the doors of the rectorate while an Ethics Commission met to rule on the doctorate. They also put down a box of cotton (which is mentioned in the doctoral thesis) and a sign saying 100 percent from Serbia, alluding to the claim in the thesis that that Serbia is the world’s top cotton importer which the students said is a fact he copied from a similar thesis about Ertirea.

“We know that the authorities are exerting pressure everywhere, including here,” student Valentina Rekovic told reporters, denying claims that they were there to pressure the commission.