Professors launch petition against violence after attacks on students

NEWS 10.06.2019 11:31
Source: N1

A group of Novi Sad University professors have launched a petition to condemn the physical assaults on three students following last week’s protests in the northern Serbian city.

Two students were assaulted following on the university campus following a protest against the felling of trees during the day on friday and the third was beaten up after the evening 1 in 5 Million protest.  

“The assaults on the students have caused us concern because the attackers injured young people who were bravely expressing their views on many painful issues and were trying to create a more just society. Their involvement in protests cannot be the reason for anyone to use violence against them,” a statement said.  

The School of Philosophy professors called other university staff to sign the petition and warned of increasingly frequent cases of media and irreponsible politicians attacking anyone who voiced a critical view.  

The statement demanded condemnation of the attacks by university officials.