Obradovic: EC right to note privileged treatment of state-owned operators

NEWS 31.05.2019 09:13
Source: N1

A member of the working group which worked on the national Media Strategy said that the European Commission was right to note the privileged treatment of state-owned cable operators.

Speaking on N1 TV‘s 360 Stepeni talk show, Vukasin Obradovic, a former head of the Independent Journalists‘ Association of Serbia (NUNS), said that the expansion of the state-owned Telekom Serbia was a cause for concern, which, according to him, is what the report on Serbia’s progress on the road to the European Union said.

“We keep talking about the state giving up its ownership in the media and on the other hand this is one of the best examples of how the state is actually strengthening its influence on the media market by having Telekom buy cable operators,” he said, adding that this is how the state strengthens its role and control of that market segment.

“The extent to which the Telekom is expanding is cause for concern not for economic reasons but because it carries a certain programme content which is not in line with the principles of a free market and free media,” Obradovic said.