EU Ambassador says Serbia has to move forward

NEWS 30.05.2019 10:33
Source: N1

The European Union’s Ambassador in Serbia said on Thursday that the latest progress report shows that Serbia has advanced but has to move forward and continue a whole series of reforms.

EU Delegation chief Sem Fabrizi told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that the country has shown progress in economic reforms but that not enough progress has been achieved in rule of law. “The message for Serbia is that it has to move forward, be quicker, more committed and more focused,” Fabrizi said.  

Asked about possible EU membership in the year 2025, Fabrizi said the accession procession does not have specific deadlines. “You can’t expect to have all criteria met at a certain moment. We set the year 2025 as a possible date which the European Commission set for the implementation of certain reforms,” he said.  

Fabrizi said the progress report was based on the achievements of individual countries and added that each of them has its own path.