Bad weather halves Serbia’s raspberry crop this year

NEWS 27.05.2019 10:54
Source: N1

Serbia’s raspberry crop has been devastated by bad weather and diseased seed, farmers and Agriculture Ministry officials said.

Assistant Agriculture Minister Aleksandar Bogicevic warned that the crop has suffered serious damage. “According to initial assessments, this year’s crop will be halved,” he said.

Raspberry exports account for a large percentage of Serbia’s agriculture exports.\

Raspberry farms in Serbia are mainly located in western areas of the country which have been hit by frost, snow earlier this month and hail.

Farmers warned that the predicted rains will cause more damage because they can’t afford to protect their crops.

The farmers said that the government has to secure higher prices which have to be set before the harvest. They said the lowest price for this year’s crop should be 200 Dinars a kilogram (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) despite the fact that the crop will not be of good quality.