University professors appeal decision on Serbian minister’s doctoral thesis

NEWS 21.05.2019 12:47
Source: N1

Belgrade University professors collected 140 signatures of fellow professors for an appeal which was submited to the university Professional Ethics Board calling it to revoke a decision approving Finance Minister Sinisa Mali’s doctoral thesis.

Professors Dusan Teodorovic and Dubravka Stojanovic set up a stall in the lobby of the University Rectorate to collect signatures in support of the appeal drawn up by Professor Rasa Karapandza of the EBS University in Germany and law Professor Vesna Rakic Vodinelic of Belgrade’s Union University.  

The scandal over plagiarized doctoral theses broke out after Karapandza inspected several thesis submitted by officials of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). A commission of experts at the University School of Organizational Sciences looked into Mali’s thesis and ruled that he did not copy any significant portion from uncredited sources.  

The appeal says that the university authorities are expected not to grant a doctoral diploma to the finance minister.