France won’t support visa liberalisation for Kosovo

NEWS 17.05.2019 16:50
Source: REUTERS/Charles Platiau

France and several other European Union member states believe Kosovo at this moment hasn’t met all conditions for visa liberalisation, according to an answer from the French Foreign Ministry to Hélène Conway-Mouret a senator, who asked about the issue, the KoSSev website reported on Friday.

Earlier, Kosovo’s Prime Minister said the visa liberalisation was a done deal since Germany supported it.

However, according to the Deutsche Welle (DW) analysis in Albanian, the approval of 55 percent Schengen visa regime is needed under the condition that they make up to 65 percent of an overall Schengen countries population, it seems unlikely that it would be granted to Kosovo without French consent.

“France, together with some other member states, believes that in this phase not all of the conditions are fulfilled. In the rule of law area, some recent progress has been made, but not enough to stop the corruption. The continuation of reforms is thus necessary to get tangible effects on the rule of law and fight against organised crime. Newly passed laws must be implemented fast and sustainable,” the French Foreign Ministry said in its answer.

The senator was unhappy with the reply and wrote on her Facebook profile she was sorry “for the lack of ambition and courage on part of the French state.”

“There are no encouraging signs in the Ministry’s answer that the legitimate expectations of the (Kosovo) population, treated unequally compared to other people in the Western Balkans, were taken into account,” Conway-Mouret wrote.