Belgrade city councillor says referendum against the law

NEWS 16.05.2019 11:20
Source: N1

A ruling party councillor in the Belgrade city assembly spoke out on Thursday against a referendum being called for by the opposition mayor of the city‘s central municipality.

Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) councillor group chief Aleksandar Mirkovic said that the vote that Stari Grad municipal Mayor Marko Bastac wants to organize is against the law. „This is petty politics being used to draw attention away from himself and possibly get some support before elections,“ he told reporters in the Belgrade city assembly.  

Bastac wants the population of the Stari Grad municipality to vote on whether they want parts of the city centre reconstructed and closed to traffic. He and his associates and followers blocked the construction work on the centra Republic Square several times and were harrased by alleged SNS followers.  

Mirkovic said Bastac‘s disruption of construction work in the centre of the city was upseting the population. He said that he and his associates tried to deliver a set of gifts to opposition Alliance for Serbia councillors but found them out of their offices. He specified that the opposition councillors were being given ninja masks, miniature traffic signs, a book of rules of good behaviour and copies of the city statute.