Serbia's Vucic: I won't recognise Kosovo within present borders

NEWS 07.05.2019 22:15
Source: Tanjug

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's President, said late on Tuesday he would not recognise Kosovo within its current boundaries as long as he held the office.

Speaking to the state RTS TV’s „Question Mark“ political talk show, Vucic said the situation regarding Kosovo was „extremely complicated“ and that „we should simplified the things and don’t deceive our nation any longer.“

He reiterated he did not have public support in a search for a solution but fell short of saying what his idea was.

„I cannot publicly offer something I couldn’t agree on either with the opposing side or with the international community,“ Vucic said when asked what exactly he had in mind and whom to he told about it.

But he added the idea concerned „the establishment of a border which would have been just.“

Vucic said last summer he favoured the separation with Albanians but did not give any detail.

Some Western politicians said they wouldn’t mind any solution both Belgrade and Pristina would agree on, as long as it would be in line with the international law.

The others, mainly Germany, strongly opposed any border changes fearing the domino effect in the region.

Kosovo’s President Hasim Thaci has his idea called „the |border correction,“ which he says will mean the annexation of Serbia’s southwestern region of Presevo Valley mostly populated by ethnic Albanians, but without „giving an inch of Kosovo’s land in return.“