Once large Serbia’s party to reunite with some of its rebels

Source: N1

The Democratic Party (DS) once the most influential opposition and then for years ruling political force in Serbia will sign a declaration on joining ranks with some of the organisations formed after DS split following the election defeat in 2012, the FoNet news agency reported.

Zoran Lutovac, the head of DS, told the Belgrade independent Danas daily that DS, Social-Democratic Party and Together for Serbia will sign the declaration on joining forces on May 19, adding others were also welcome.

He told the daily the first step would be the union of those three parties and the next stage was to form the single DS.

“The doors to DS are open to all those who want to build a better society,” Lutovac said.

Former DS leaders and members were gradually leaving the party to found a dozen other parties and movements.

The party was the core of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) which dethroned Slobodan Milosevic’s regime in 2000 and took the country towards the European integrations.

The centre-left party, DS was officially formed in February 1990, when a group of independent intellectuals decided to revive the original Yugoslav Democratic Party banned after the WW II when the Communists took power in the Balkan country.