Belgrade protest organiser: There are no honour and decency in Serbia

NEWS 30.04.2019 11:22
Source: N1

One of the #1 in 5 million protests’ organisers Jelena Anasonovic, a student, accused Serbia’s regime of distorting the reality and spreading lies thus drawing a target on many protests’ organisers, the FoNet news agency reported on Tuesday.

Talking to the Belgrade Blic daily, she said that “we live in Serbia in which there are no honour and decency,” adding the protest was the only free place for exchanging opinions.

“In the atmosphere of fear, these authorities spread hatred, describe people in the street as fascists, villains and traitors. And those are also words the President (Aleksandar Vucic) uses,” Anasonovic said.

She denied she was “a mercenary” of an opposition leader Dragan Djilas, as the regime and their loyal tabloids described her. “I met him for the first time when the rallies started,” adding #1 in 5 million protest was independent of any political party.