Serbia’s police arrest man who repeatedly threatens journalists

NEWS 25.04.2019 12:06
Source: N1

The police officers in charge of high-tech crime together with the Higher Public Prosecutors’ Office arrested a 32-year-old man suspected of sending multiple threats to Dinko Gruhonjic, the Independent Society of Vojvodina’s Journalists (NDNV) programme director and a teacher at the Novi Sad Philosophy Faculty, N1 reported on Thursday.

Gruhonjic has received several therats on the man’s blog.

NDNV earlier warned that its programme director had received threats both in a post and comments that followed on the Facebook page Serbia our Country (Srbija nasa zemlja.)

The page had published Gruhonjic’s photo with comments ‘Independent journalist’, ‘Croatian secret service resident who describes Serbia as a post-genocidal society’.

Followers then flooded the social network with insulting, threatening comments.

The death threat to Gruhonjic was published at the page’s blog by an anonymous commentator ten days before the comments.

The same website has recently published threats against former NDNV president Nedim Sejdinovic.

Last month, the N1 Serbia News Director Jugoslav Cosic’s ID was published by the same website. Cosic sued the Facebook page ‘Serbia our Country’ over the publication.