Serbian agriculture minister expects some meat prices to continue rising

NEWS 17.04.2019 10:08

Serbian Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimovic said on Wednesday that he expects some meat prices to continue rising over the next few months.

He said the rise in pork prices is expected to continue as a trend over the next few months.  

Asked if greater exports due to higher demand globally will lead to higher prices at home, the minister said that the government has to take care of both consumers and producers. “We have to take care of consumers as well as the people toiling on their farms every day they have to earn some money as well,” he said.  

Nedimovic said that Serbia is preparing to export beef to the United Arab Emirates which he said is “one of the most payment-capable markets and a good market which Serbia has opened following Turkey and China”.  

He said subsidies for cattle farmers to raise heifers will be introduced after the Orthodox Easter, adding that sufficient funds have been secured.