'Serbia our Country' Facebook page continues with threats to journalists

Source: N1

The Independent Society of Vojvodina Journalists (NDNV) said on Friday that Dinko Gruhonjic, the NDNV programme director and a teacher at the Novi Sad Philosophy Faculty has received threats both in a post and comments that followed on the Facebook page Serbia our Country (Srbija nasa zemlja), the Beta news agency reported.

NDNV said the authorities in Serbia supported that Facebook platform which “in a manner of (the Nazi Germany propaganda chief Joseph) Goebbels” treated political opponents since it was “clear that someone in the state hierarchy at least disables the implementation of the laws and sanctioning of the threats against NDNV professional journalists.”

‘Serbia our country’ published Gruhonjic’s photo with comments ‘Independent journalist’, ‘Croatian secret service resident who describes Serbia as a post-genocidal society’.

Followers then flooded the website with insulting, threatening comments.

The death threat to Gruhonjic was published ten days ago at the website’s blog by an anonymous commentator.

The same website has recently published threats against former NDNV president Nedim Sejdinovic.

Last month, the N1 Serbia News Director Jugoslav Cosic’s ID was published by the same website. Cosic sued the Facebook page ‘Serbia our Country’ over the publication.

NDNV said it would be forced to seek protection and legal help from the international institutions since domestic ones did not offer any.

“There is no doubt any more that this is an organised political campaign which, as every form of organised crime, has its stronghold at the highest level of authorities. Otherwise, these frequent and explicit threats would not have been tolerated or politically incited,” NDNV said in a statement.