Student protest march and performance in Serbian capital

NEWS 11.04.2019 22:53
Source: N1

Belgrade University students organized their own protest march through the central Knez Mihailova pedestrian street to the University rector’s headquarters as part of the 1 in 5 Million protests.

Student organizers said that they were marching to express dissatisfaction and draw attention to the problem of the mass exodus of young people from Serbia. They called students to the protest scheduled for April 13 in Belgrade.

A performance titled The Great Student Migration included the paving of the street with banners saying No More False Diplomas and Be 1 in 5 Million. They also carried suitcases decorated with the flags of European countries with the words Future of Serbia (an allusion to the Serbian president’s campaign). Some had tapes with the word Censored over their mouths.

Biology student Mila Jovanovic told reporters that the students’ goals were to draw attention to the problem of false diplomas and plagiarized doctorates and to the brain drain. She called students and all Serbians to attend the All As One protest in front of the Serbian parliament on April 13.