Kosovo official says Serb minister’s words are hate speech

NEWS 09.04.2019 22:55
Source: N1

Kosovo Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli said that a statement by the dismissed Local Administration Minister Ivan Todosijevic was hate speech.

Todosijevic, a Serb List official, said that the massacre in Racak which is viewed as precipitating the NATO intervention in FR Yugoslavia was fabricated. Todosijevic was dismissed by Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj over the statement, saying that hate speech by a minister will not be tolerated.  

Veseli wrote on his Facebook page that “statements like that have only one source”. “They are the provocations of (Serbian President) Aleksandar Vucic aimed at causing tensions in the Balkans and Kosovo,” he said adding that “we will not allow Kosovo to be used as a means for someone in Serbia to remain in power”.

He called the European Union to react to the provocation by Serbia and Vucic.