NUNS and NDNV ask whether O2 TV joins campaign against independent media

NEWS 09.04.2019 13:00
Source: Ilustracija

The Independent Association of Serbia’s Journalists (NUNS) and the Independent Society of Vojvodina’s Journalists (NDNV) protested over the Belgrade-based O2 TV’s guest, a man who had threatened to Jugoslav Cosic, N1 Director and Dragan Janjic, the news agency Beta editor-in-chief, N1 reported on Tuesday.

Bogoljub Pjescic was a guest on the O2 Fokus talk show.

“It is unacceptable that the TV with national frequency give a chance to the man whose threats to two reputable journalists which the public has been informed about, the same man who was interrogated by the police to continue a campaign against Cosic and Janjic, with unfounded criticism and accusations, exercising pressure on the two media outlets,” NUNS and NDNV said in a statement.

Cosic received a telephone call in mid-March from someone claiming to be an employee of the US Homeland Security, asking about sources for reports on the gunman who killed 50 people in Mosques in New Zealand and saying Cosic would not be allowed into the US.

The N1 news director reported the case to the police along with the mobile phone number which led to Pjescic.

Janjic reported threats against the Beta agency a few days later.