Freedom House warns of threats against Serbian journalists


A Freedom House official on Thursday voiced concern over the threats against journalists in Serbia.

In a statement to the Voice of America following a letter from N1 TV owner Adria News, Freedom House research chief for Europe Zeljka Caki told the Voice of America that it’s alarming to see the increasing number of verbal threats and intimidation of journalists in Serbia.  

The Adria News letter was sent to more than 130 international organizations and NGOs, media associations and the European Union calling for protection of N1 TV and its journalists because of the campaign being waged by ranking government and ruling coalition officials.  

Caki said that the latest attack on the private TV station N1 is part of a long-term campaign to intimidate the media, the VOA said. She said that Serbian politicians should refrain from calling journalists traitors and foreign mercenaries and added that the government has a duty to protect freedom of the media and not fan anger and hatred against journalists who are doing their job.