N1 News Director’s personal ID number published by portal

NEWS 27.03.2019 19:45
Source: N1

The full text of criminal charges filed against N1 TV News Director Jugoslav Cosic has been published on the Facebook pages Srbija Nasa Zemlja (Serbia Our Country) and, contrary to the law, his personal ID number was also published.

The charges were filed with the Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade over the special breaking news program on N1 TV on the night that demonstrators broke into the Serbian state TV (RTS) building. The charges state that N1 reporting was done in a way that incited people to commit a number of crimes through public calls for violent behavior, endangerment of the RTS staff, damaging the property of others and a violent change to the constitutional order of the Republic of Serbia.  

The charges were filed by Srbija Nasa Zemlja but there are no details of the people responsible or the authors of stories on that portal.  

The N1 TV news director will file criminal charges for the unauthorized gathering of personal information which is against the law.