Independent journalists association’s head resigns citing personal reasons

Source: N1

Nedim Sejdinovic said NDNV would soon hold the association’s assembly meeting to choose new people and new statute, adding the work on a strategic plan was underway to set long-time goals and methods of NDNV actions, the Beta news agency reported.

“It’s time for new generations of journalists and associates to take over the association with us more experienced to work with and alongside them, Sejdinovic said.

He denied his resignation had anything to do with a lot of threats he had been receiving for a long time and which had recently intensified.

“I want to assure you that my resignation is not linked to the last wave of threats and insults I have been exposed to. I’m also certain that I’ll again be a target of hatred and verbal violence since that is a part of the job we do in these unfortunate times,” Sejdinovic said.

A couple of days ago, the latest insults and threats to Sejdinovic were published on Facebook, saying “Nedim Sejdinovic, you are unbearably provoking common people so don’t be surprised if someone rapps you on the knuckles. We don’t approve that but won’t protest either. Such a swindler and rogue hasn’t been seen recently even on the (George) Soros’ pay list. Nedim is NDNV President, Muslim extremist and Serb hater.”