Don’t try to block motorway, Serbia‘s Interior Minister tells protesters

Source: N1

The Interior Minister of Serbia Nebojsa Stefanovic warned on Friday the #1 in 5 million protesters not to try to block a motorway, as they said they would, adding they could walk through the city, but not attack any media house, the Beta news agency reported.

Talking to reporters, Stefanovic said the police were fair during the last weekend’s protests and acted correctly to the arrested demonstrators.

Some of them said they were beaten and harassed by the police during the arrest.

Stefanovic said the protesters insulted the police, cursed at them and advised the officers to “immediately handcuff everyone who attacks them.”

The police arrested 18 people over the last weekend for taking part in the protests, and according to the Interior Ministry, eight were apprehended for a crime, while they urgently sent some to jail after being sentenced to 30-days term.


 After Vucic’s statement that those arrested should be freed, the Higher Court ruled accordingly.

For some of them, the Court ordered a new procedure.