Threats to N1 News Director Jugoslav Cosic

NEWS 16.03.2019 09:25
Source: N1

N1 TV News Director Jugoslav Cosic received a phone call on his company phone at 07:14 on Friday evening from a person who identified himself as an official of the government of the United States, more precisely as an associate of the Homeland Security Department.

Cosic was told that the call is about N1 Serbia’s reporting on the terrorist event in new Zealand when 49 people were killed.

That person, who did not identify himself by name but only as an official of the American government, demanded that the N1 News Director explain the N1 reporting on that tragic terrorist event, suggesting that the N1 reports could lead to the conclusion that N1 has proof that the attack in New Zealand is linked to a “terrorist base” in Serbia.

The caller demanded that the N1 News Director produce that evidence either verbally or in writing to an e-mail address which would be sent “within the next two hours”. If not he was threatened with a ban on entry into the United States.

Cosic was also told that the manner in which N1 reports on events in the US is directed against US President Donald Trump because of “300 negative reports” about the US president aired by all three N1 centers – Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

The call came from the mobile phone number +381 64 610 7391.

Following that telephone call, N1 lawyers were informed about the content of the conversation and will take all necessary legal measures so that Serbian state bodies can investigate the event.