Serbian NGOS condemn misogynist, homophobic attacks

NEWS 13.03.2019 19:45
Source: N1

A number of Serbian NGOs have condemned the “misogynist and homophobic attacks” on March 8, demanding that the judiciary and police process those cases quickly along with adequate media reporting.

The NGOs called the media to report on the assaults without “watering them down” and “contribute to the condemnation of violent behavior and the development of a political dialogue to find solutions which focus on the interests of the victims”.  

A statement said that the struggle for women’s equality is ongoing and added that women bravely fighting the patriarchate are assaulted daily.  

“Marking March 8 (women’s day) was an opportunity to draw attention to dangers to women’s working rights but these incidents have reminded us that the first condition for dignified labour is life without fear, insults, assaults and sexual violence. The engagement of women in public and political life should not be an individual act of courage but a normal social process to find solutions benefiting society as a whole,” the statement said.  

It was signed by the Women’s Initiative of Serbia, the Don’t Drown Belgrade Initiative, ROZA association for women’s labour rights, Centre for Women’s Studies, the #MothersRule Initiative, UGS Nezavisnost union women’s section, Women’s Fund Reconstruction, October Social Centre, Left Summit Serbia, Alternative Centre for Girls, BeFem, Women in Black, Impuls Tutin, Organization for Promotion of Activism OPA and Da Se Zna.