Vucic says no peace if Kosovo Serbs are attacked

NEWS 21.02.2019 11:33
Source: Printscreen

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday that there will be peace if no one attacks the Kosovo Serbs.

He added that he has the political courage to resolve the Kosovo issue and has accepted that as his job with authority to negotiate from the government. “I know that you can’t get majority backing no matter what the solution that you propose,” he said.  

Neither Belgrade nor Pristina have a solution at this moment and added that an agreement probably won’t be reached because of the different interests of foreign players.   According to Vucic, there is no frozen conflict with the Albanians because they want a full consolidation of the state they created in 2008.  

The president said he would not kneel to ask forgiveness from neighbours. “I won’t apologize to the people who do not deserve our trust,” he said. “My job is to show respect to those people but never to humiliate my country and people,” he said.  

Vucic said he would not talk to the leaders of the opposition Alliance for Serbia, calling them thieves who robbed the country.  

He said he was not interested in the politicians organizing protests but in the people, adding that he hadn’t heard a single serious demand from the protests but had heard ordinary people say that Serbia has to reinforce its institutions, the rule of law and the judiciary.