Serbian president wants EU to make Pristina revoke tariffs

NEWS 20.02.2019 14:41
Source: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic expects the European Union to convince Pristina to revoke decisions which he believes are dangerous to the region.

A statement from the president’s cabinet said that Vucic told EU Delegation chief Sem Fabrizi that some of Pristina’s unilateral decisions pose a danger to the peace and stability of the region, adding that the Union should invest more effort to convince the Kosovo government to revoke its decision.

“There is a need for a lasting agreement. We are prepared to continue talks with Pristina once the tariffs (on Serbian goods) are revoked,” Vucic is quoted as saying.

He said that Serbia has to continue its path towards the EU with its support in strengthening, adopting and implementing reforms for the benefit of its citizens. “We will continue working intensively to meet the European agenda with the aim of opening more chapters to move faster towards EU membership,” Vucic said.

The statement adds that Fabrizi said the EU Delegation would continue supporting Serbia’s integration process and its mediation in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to reach a comprehensive agreement.

Vucic and Fabrizi agreed on the need to invest more energy into the rule of law and discussed reforms of the judiciary, the fight against corruption and freedom of the media, the statement said.