Police Union announces protests outside every station in Serbia over "mobbing"

NEWS 19.02.2019 17:28
Source: N1

The leadership of the representative police Union said on Tuesday they would stage protests outside every police station in Serbia because of, as they said, the continued pressure and persecution of their members, the Beta news agency reported

“Due to often attacks by the officers and the Interior Ministry on our members, we are forced to make this move,” Veljko Mijailovic, the head of the Union said in a letter.

He added that their superiors used the position to order the members to leave the Union. “When we ask them why they do that, they answer that it is an order by Dijana Hrkalovic, a state secretary.

Mijailovic said their members were moved to lower positions, while “a new system of job positions was a showdown with the Union members, a retaliation against all honest policemen who make up a huge majority but are prevented from enforcing the law.”

He added that since 2015 they did not have a single meeting with the Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic.

“That’s why we have no other option but to call on our 15.000 members to hit the streets and protest for our rights. We’ll first protest outside police stations where there is the highest level of mobbing and everywhere we think is necessary to protect policemen and citizens’ safety,” Mijailovic said.

He added they would file criminal charges to the Special Prosecutor’s Office against the police chiefs who exercised the highest level of pressure and threatened the Union members.