Protest organizer supports body to liaise with opposition parties

NEWS 19.02.2019 10:54
Source: N1

Civic protest organizer actor Branislav Trifunovic has backed the idea of forming a body to liaise between protesters and opposition parties, Belgrade daily Danas said on Tuesday.

Trifunovic, one of the organizers of the 1 in 5 Million protests, told the newspaper that he supports the idea launched by lawyer and former Justice co-Minister Bozo Prelevic to form that body, adding that it should control the opposition. “The protest needs a body formed of the wisest people we have to control the opposition because the citizens are rightly sceptical,” he said.  

Prelevic told the Beta news agency that a group of moral experts should form an advisory oversight body to act as a liaison between the protesters and political parties which support them. The idea was first voiced by actor Nikola Kojo who said the people on the body should all be non-partisan.  

Speaking off the record, unnamed sources in the opposition group the Alliance for Serbia said there should be no obstacles to the forming of that body. The sources told Danas that the group of opposition parties had not discussed the issue but “that there is no reason not to encourage every good initiative”.