Vucic does not believe agreement with Pristina will be reached this year

NEWS 16.02.2019 13:11

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said he was rather not optimistic about a possible agreement with Pristina being reached this year, Austrian media reported.

Speaking for Austrian APA news agency, Vucic said he would be strongly fighting for compromise but that abolition of the import tariffs that Pristina authorities introduced for Serbia’s goods will be a precondition for resuming the dialogue.

Asked about a possibility of an early election in Serbia following the protests that have spread across the country over the past month, Vucic replied that this option has not been discussed yet.

“The most important topic for us is a question how we are going to solve the Kosovo issue,” said the President.

Once the dialogue with Pristina resumes, we will be able to concentrate on Serbia’s economy, which is going well at the moment, he explained, adding that only then a possibility of the election will come to agenda.

“Whether the voting will take place in half a year or a year is less important,” he added.