Serbia’s nationalists boo at Prime Minister for “betraying Kosovo”

NEWS 15.02.2019 14:04
Source: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

A group of Serbia’s nationalists booed at Prime Minister Ana Brnabic during her speech in Orasac at the ceremony marking the country’s Statehood day, the Beta news agency reported on Friday.

The protesters carried Serbia’s and the Dveri and Nasi nationalist movements flags, chanting “Treason,” “You betrayed Kosovo.”

The loud protest was also heard during the address of Zeljka Cvijanovic, the Presidents of the Republika Srpska, Serb dominated entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also, any mention of Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic was accompanied by whistling and booing.

After her speech, Brnabic said that “today when we celebrate our ancestries and show unity in fighting for a better future “we have people who whistle.”

„But, that’s their problem. We will continue to fight, and I guarantee you – the louder you are, the stronger we will fight,” she said, adding “fascism will never win in Serbia.”

The president of the Nasi movement Ivan Ivanovic said people protested “because she (Brnabic) and Vucic announced the betrayal of Kosovo.”