Serbian president denies he is exceeding powers

NEWS 14.02.2019 20:12
Source: N1

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic denied claims that he had exceeded his constitutional powers, saying that everything he did was in line with the law.

“I am acting in accord with the constitution and law in the way that a majority of the citizens of Serbia want, working diligently, honestly and responsibly and I am trying to make our country a better place to live,” Vucic told reporters in the town of Koceljeva during his Future of Serbia tour of the country.

Asked by an Insajder portal reporter why he was violating his constitutional powers and using the campaign to deal with political opponents, Vucic said the reporter had taken over the role of Constitutional Court judge with the question.

Speaking to a crowd later in the town of Sabac, Vucic said that the president’s budget now stands at 1.6 million Euro for this year, compared to 2.5 million Euro during President Boris Tadic’s term in office in 2011. He said his job was to be modest and responsible.

Sabac is a western Serbia town where the opposition is in power. The mayor of Sabac, Nebojsa Zelenovic, called opposition supporters to show calm and restraint. He said that he had not been officially informed of the president’s visit.

The president said that his monthly salary of 125,000 Dinars is not the reason why he does the job of head of state. “I do not have my own company, I do not live with 500 million Euros. I am working so that history will say that Serbia is being built again, that we preserved peace and stability but some people can’t understand that,” he said.