Serbia’s Vucic: Albanian politicians irresponsibility becomes nightmare

Source: Tanjug/Predsedništvo Srbije

Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia said on Thursday Belgrade would wait for a while, and aftards it would be necessary to see what would be next, adding he was not an optimist regarding Pristina’s import taxes on goods from Serbia, the FoNet news agency reported.

Touring the country in his “The Future of Serbia” campaign, Vucic said in the western town of Loznica that “the irresponsibility of the Albanian politicians became his nightmare and a huge problem.”

“They (the Albanian officials) do not understand that we don’t have a frozen conflict any more, it defrosted, and right now all we can try is to preserve peace and find as good as possible solution for both side,” he added, thanking the Western partners for support in persuading Pristina to suspend the 100 percent taxes on goods from Serbia.

Belgrade conditions the tariffs suspension to the continuation of the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on normalisation of relations.

The US and the European Union pressured Pristina to revoke the decision, but Kosovo’s Government had ignored them so far.

“If we are not able to secure the free flow of goods, what should we be talking about? Many in Kosovo do not understand that,” Vucic said.

He added that “we will not allow anyone to humiliate and expel our people wherever they live. I’m afraid that those who try that will see how tough the Serbs are,” he added.

Vucic denied speculation that he had some secret dinners with Kosovo’s counterpart Hashim Thaci.

He said he and Thaci meet at different locations during international events. “What should I do? Punch him?”

“Our job is to preserve peace. I don’t feel good with him around, neither does he in my company, nothing is nice there, but my job is to fight for Serbia,” Vucic said.

Observes say Vucic launched the campaign after anti-government protests were going on in Belgarde for over two months every Saturday and in the meantime spread to over 50 places across the country, with the main demand for Vucic to resign.

He said the opposition was behind the demonstration and that he would talk to people but not to „these thieves.“

The opposition leaders do not take an active role in the protests, nor they address the crowd. Instead, protesters listen to the speeches by artists, professors and ordinary people.