Top Serbian companies report billions of Euros in income

NEWS 13.02.2019 23:09
Source: N1

Serbia’s top companies have reported billions of Euros in income during 2018, a report said on Wednesday.

According to the 100 Greatest report, the 100 biggest companies in the country reported income of 34 billion Euros while the 100 most successful companies reported almost 100 billion Euros in income.

The report is the result of a project in cooperation with the Adiko Bank aimed at securing better conditions for small companies and promoting the most successful.

Project Director Ana Knezevic said that networking and promotion along with adequate education decide the success and survival of Serbian companies. “The most successful and stable companies are driving the development of local markets in Serbia and the region,” she said.

Project analyst Marko Radojicic warned that some 10,000 companies or 22 percent have shut down in the region over the past three years. He said less than five percent of new companies manage to survive their first year.