Pristina dialogue platform excludes CSM, border changes

Source: N1

Kosovo leaders adopted the Platform for the dialogue with Belgrade which did not include the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM) and any correction of the border, the Belgrade Danas daily reported.

The daily quoted unnamed foreign diplomats as saying the document that would soon be before the Parliament would insist on “the respect of Kosovo’s Constitution” which stipulated that “Kosovo’s integrity is indisputable and protected by all measures envisaged by the law.”


 The document also said the status of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo would be defined in accordance to the 2007 international plan, which suggested that “Kosovo recognises the SPC, including its monasteries, churches and other religion-related places which are a part of the SPC seat in Belgrade.”

The suggestions include a provision saying the SPC would “have a discretional right to its ownership and access to its premises.”

The creation of the CSM is a part of the Brussels Agreement signed in 2013 by Belgrade and Pristina.

Serbia insists on the CSM, while Kosovo says it won’t allow “the formation of another Republika Srpska” on its territory, alluding to the Serb dominated entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina with some administrative rights formed after the 1992-1995 war there ended in a peace deal known as the Dayton agreement.