Court overturns ruling to compensate Serbian pensioner

NEWS 12.02.2019 16:15
Source: Shutterstock

A court in Novi Sad has overturned a lower court ruling to compensate a pensioner for money lost when the government decided to lower pensions.

Pensioner JM took the national Pension and Invalid Insurance (PIO) Fund to court in the town of Backa Palanka and won a ruling ordering the PIO Fund to pay him the difference between the pension payments he was entitled to and the actual pension paid him between December 9, 2015 and December 31, 2017 with interest. The court ruled that the PIO Fund was obliged to inform the pensioner in writing about the decision to lower his pension and advise him on his legal rights which it did not do and that the decision was in violation of the law on pensions and law on administrative procedures.  

The Higher Court in Novi Sad ruled that the no laws were broken by the PIO Fund. “Pensions were reduced under the law temporarily regulating pensions and the PIO Fund had to act in line with that law and can’t be held accountable for the difference in pensions paid and what the plaintiff feels he is entitled to,” that court ruled.  

The Serbian government adopt the law temporarily regulating pensions in September 2015, cutting pensions across the board. A majority of people in Serbia have state pensions.