Tourism minister says Serbian tourists safe in Croatia

NEWS 12.02.2019 15:51
Source: N1

Croatia’s Tourism Minister Gari Kapeli said on Tuesday that tourists from Serbia will be safe if they decide to visit Croatia.

Commenting the recent physical assault on Red Star Belgrade waterpolo players in the coastal city of Split, the minister said that the attack does not mean that tourists from Serbia should fear for their safety if they decide to spend their vacation in Croatia.  

Red Star waterpolo players were assaulted in a cafe on the seaside promenade in Split prior to a match with the local team Mornar. The police arrested three persons involved in the attack two of who were ordered detained while a third was released pending trial.  

Kapeli told N1 that a poll of tourists in 2018 showed that safety was one of the reasons why Croatia is a popular destination. “Last year all polls showed that safety was, if not the first, then one of two top reasons listed by tourists who visited Croatia. Safety was one of the most important reasons to come to Croatia,” the minister said.