Vucic’s party decides on early vote next week, official says

Source: N1

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) led by the head of state Aleksandar Vucic will decide next week on whether to call an early election, a party official has said on Tuesday, the Beta news agency reported.

Stanislava Pak, a member of the SNS Foreign Cooperation Council, told the Belgrade-based Prva TV  “the best decision for Serbia will be brought.”

“I’m ready for any decision,” she said, adding she favoured early vote.

Serbia’s next general elections are scheduled for 2020, but following growing anti-government protests across the country demanding Vucic’s resignation, the speculations are he might opt for early vote hoping to cement the power and appease the demonstrations.

However, the opposition said it would boycott any vote under current rules, hoping the move would delegitimise the election result.