Serbian farmers want fuel subsidies restored

NEWS 11.02.2019 16:57
Source: N1

Farmers in Serbia expect the government to keep subsidised fuel prices down to 100 Dinars a litre or less, farmers’ association representatives said on Monday.

The farmers also expect the government to give them up to 100 litres of fuel a hectare at subsidized prices.  

Pancevacki Ratari farmers’ organization spokesman Jovan Njegovan told the Beta news agency that the government should revoke duties on fuel for farmers. He expressed doubts about government announcements to subsidize fuel.  

Nezavisna farmers’ organization officail Jovica Jaksic said the government should keep subsidized fuel prices for farmers between 60 and 100 Dinars.

Agriculture expert Miladin Sevarlic warned that Serbian farmers are paying some of the highest diesel fuel prices including high duties while some airlines are being allowed to buy fuel at subsidized prices.

The Agriculture Ministry has not released any details about possible fuel subsidies but President Aleksandar Vucic said over the weekend that the government would bring back subsidies on fuel for farmers.