Gas Association officials says Americans not allowing gas pipeline construction

NEWS 11.02.2019 15:05
Source: N1

The construction of the Turkish Flow gas pipeline will not start soon, the Gas Association Assembly’s President Vojislav Vuletic said adding that “the Americans won’t allow it”.

“At this time, the Turkish Flow pipeline through Serbia can’t go ahead because America is not allowing it and is offering its own gas produced from shale which would be supplied to Europe in liquid state,” he said. The Turkish Flow would bring Russian natural gas to Europe through the Balkans.  

The Serbian Energy Agency (AERS) has give the Russian-Serbian Gaztrans permission to build the pipeline which would connect to the Bulgarian pipeline at the Serbian town of Zajecar and would continue into Hungary at Horgos and has requested an opinion from the Energy Community which wants permission for other gas suppliers to use the pipeline to be built by Gaztrans.  

Vuletic said the Energy Community demand “just clouds the conditions even more”, adding that it wants access allowed to other suppliers at five points along the pipeline.  

He said the US cannot provide sufficient supplies of gas to Europe which has to rely on Russia to meet its needs.