Serbian opposition MP hands minister list of humiliated university professors

NEWS 11.02.2019 13:55
Source: N1

Democratic Party (DS) MP Aleksandra Jerkov said on Monday that she handed Serbian Education Minister Sarcevic the petition signed by 1,500 university professors and teaching staff in support of the civic protests across the country that she says he humiliated.

The education minister recently said that drawing up lists at university schools is inappropriate, adding that “there isn’t anyone serious on the lists”. His comment drew reactions from the academic community and others.  

Jerkov said she handed Sarcevic the list of names at a session of the parliament Education Committee “so that he can re-read the names of the people he humiliated and demeaned”. “Those are the names of people who would humble every education minister,” she said.  

Ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP group chief Aleksandar Martinovic said the list Jerkov gave the minister is a forgery.  

“I looked at the list and found that at least 35 names had been repeated and I stress at least. We will look into the list in more detail because I didn’t have time before the session of parliament. We respect these people but the list that Aleksandra Jerkov came up with is a forgery,” he said.