Flu claims two more lives in Nis

NEWS 09.02.2019 15:14
Source: N1

Two more persons, age 75 and 66, had died in the Nis hospital because of the flue.

With their deaths, the number of patients who died of complications caused by influenza rose to five.

Head of the Infection Diseases Clinic Miodrag Vrbic told RTS that 32 patients are undergoing treatment, of which 11 are on respirators.

“These are the most difficult complications, and once the patient gets to the respirator, their death probability rises greatly,” Vrbic said.

According to him, there are no special measures one could take to prevent getting the flu, but he appealed to the citizens to avoid crowded places and to start wearing masks.

„We don’t have the habit of wearing masks as the Chinese do. They all wear masks when in crowded places. We should protect ourselves more,“ Vrbic noted.

He added that vaccination could help if the patients were able to stay several weeks in isolation to avoid getting infected.