Jeremic: Opposition leaders can expect a call from Vucic, there are secret deals

NEWS 09.02.2019 14:07
Source: N1

When you have so many people in the streets, you cannot ignore them away. You have to meet them. Opposition leaders can expect a phone call from President Aleksandar Vucic to hold a meeting and discuss how to end this madness. There are no secret deals,” Head of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremic, said for N1.

He said the government would change after the new election, but this election will not be held under “these circumstances.” he added that the opposition in Serbia will continue to pressure the authorities through protests and other legal means.

Asked whether he would like for early election to be called, he said it would only further unite the opposition.

“I believe everyone would join the opposition front. We have already planned our future steps, and our first step was forming the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) where some parties have set aside their differences. Our next step was the Alliance for the People, and the third and final step is to change the government after the regime is forced to reform its worsening autocratic order,” Jeremic said.

Speaking about the protests across Serbia, Jeremic said they were completely spontaneous and funded by their participants. The SzP does cover some of the costs, he noted, but these were minor costs.

“The BBC journalist who interviewed Vucic and me told me that Vucic’s closest associates told him that the Russian intelligence agency is funding the protests. The man laughed because this is so unbelievable,” Vucic added. “I think they’re telling Russians that the CIA is finding these protests.”