Man who threatened N1 possibly Serbian ruling party member

NEWS 08.02.2019 21:13
Source: N1

The man who sent a threatening letter to N1 TV has been reported to be a member of President Aleksandar Vucic’s ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) but the party has avoided confirming or denying those reports.

The authorities customarily identify any member of opposition parties who is arrested or has done anything worth condemning.  

The 70 year old man from the town of Stara Pazova who threatened to blow up the N1 building and harm journalists and their families has been identified only by the initials SC so far.  

N1 received an SNS membership card issued by the SNS branch in that town in the name of Stevan Cubric. The card was sent to the station anonymously.  

N1 asked the SNS press service to authenticate the membership card and confirm or deny that Stevan Cubric is a party member but received no reply.  

N1 asked President Vucic if he knew whether the man who made threats against the station was a member of his party and the president said he did not know and did not ask.