UN Security Council reduces number of sessions on Kosovo

NEWS 07.02.2019 23:06
Source: Zvanični kanal UN/ Screenshot

The UN Security Council has decided to reduce the number of sessions devoted to the situation in Kosovo.

The UN Security Council held open sessions every three months to hear reports from the Secretary General about the activities of UNMIK. Those sessions were attended by ranking Serbian and Kosovo officials.

The Security Council members came under pressure from the United States and its European allies and agreed prior to the session that three sessions on Kosovo would be held this year and two more in 2020.

The situation in Kosovo in terms of conflicts is nowhere near the level of places like the Yemen, Congo or Haiti and four sessions a year are too much, Great Britain’s UN Ambassador Karen Pierce said.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic told the session that Pristina continues to jeopardize everything that the European Union and other international community members are trying to achieve through the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and the creating of regional links.

“We are not asking for (UN Security Council) sessions to clash with someone but to contribute to the stabilization of the situation in Kosovo and to peace in the region. Serbia is a constructive, credible and predictable partner which is why we initiated the agreement on the dynamics of Security Council session,” Dacic said.  

Dacic warned that agreements reached in Brussels are not being implemented and that the dialogue was blocked because of Pristina’s decision to impose 100 percent tariffs on goods from Serbia.

“How can we expect respect for any agreement if the basic principles that modern Europe is based on are not respected,” he said and added that Serbia is refraining from unilateral steps.

According to the foreign minister, the important thing is that the Security Council continues to discuss the reports on Kosovo and UNMIK.