Vucic on Serbia’s opposition: I’m pretty relaxed, their threats don’t scare me

NEWS 07.02.2019 18:35
Source: N1

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said his campaign “The Future of Serbia” which he started on Thursday was not linked to elections because “whether they are held in two or 12 months the victory of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is certain,” the FoNet news agency.

During the tour of the southern part of Serbia, he said he was not afraid of the opposition leaders, adding if they “come carrying the stick they threaten with, I’ll face them alone.” He said he was „pretty relaxed and not scared at all.“

His campaign suddenly announcedtwo days ago, seems to be an answer to an increasing dissatisfaction of Serbia’s people showed in #1 in 5 million protests held in Belgrade every Saturday for over two months and spread to more than 50 places across the country.

One of the significant demand heard on the rallies is Vucic’s resignation.

Bojan Klacar from The Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID), told N1 on Thursday „there is no doubt that Vucic’s tour was the answer to people’s disatisfaction.“ He added that it could also trigger his decision to call an early vote.

The opposition does not take an active part, nor its leaders address the crowd. But after the citizens asked them, they drafted the Agreement with the People which is an open document, available to suggestions and changes.
Vucic said the Agreement did not mention Kosovo, the European Union or economy.

The document was drafted only to envisage the transitional period after Vucic and his SNS were out of power.

The opposition leaders promised they would not assume any post and that in the first year after Vucic, Serbia would be governed by a transitional cabinet made up of experts, not politicians.